Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Philology

Philological Faculty – one of the 12 divisions of the Adygeya State University – the oldest institution of higher education. Since 1940 – since its foundation – it has become a leader of the university. This contributes to the specificity of philological specialty. This “love for the word” brought together teachers, language and literature scholars, and students to address critical humanitarian needs. Together with other departments and in close cooperation with the authorities, scientific and educational institutions, he takes an active part in the social and historical, innovative development of Adygea and the south of Russia.

The faculty has qualified teaching staff, possessing considerable scientific potential. Among the teachers – academics, doctors, and candidates of sciences in various specialties. The faculty has a normative teaching and laboratory and technical base. At his disposal offices of Russian language and literature, computer training and methodical study, connected to the “Internet” system, Laboratory of Regional onomastics, the editors of the scientific journal “Herald of ASU” ( “Literature and Art Criticism” series). The teaching process is built with the new achievements of modern science, as well as the results of scientific activity of the Faculty employees.

Training is currently underway:
– on 3 directions Bachelor: 45.03.01 – Philology, 42.03.02 – Journalism, 42.03.01- Advertising and public relations.

Areas of activity in philology graduate: philology, humanities, linguistic, interpersonal and intercultural communication, education institutions, culture, and management.

Industry-graduate journalists: the media (newspapers, magazines, television, the press-service, advertising agency, and PR). radio, news agencies, internet-media), related information and communication spheres (publishing, press-service, advertising agency, and PR).

Scope graduate direction, “Advertising and Public Relations”: economics, politics, journalism, media, arts, and culture.

– On the 3rd Master’s degree programs:

1. General linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics (45. 06.01).

2. Russian literature (45.06.01 – Philology).

3. The technology of advertising and public relations (42. 04. 01 – Advertising and public relations).

– In 5 specialties graduate direction 45.06-01 (Linguistics and Literature): 1. The theory of language; 2. The languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation; 3. Folklore; 4. Literature Russian peoples; 5. Russian language. Also, specialty media and information librarianship (42.03.02 – Journalism).

Specialties Language Theory, Languages Russian peoples, the peoples of the Russian Federation Literature, Folklore, Russian language functioning specialized advice on candidate and doctoral theses. On the basis of philological faculty are international, national and regional scientific conferences. Every year – student scientific conferences. The results of scientific activity of students in the student magazine covers and philological series “Herald of ASU” university magazine, which has the status of “Rakovsky publication”. Each student of the Faculty may take at its discretion, additional training and get the second specialty.

The Faculty has a long tradition on the organization of activities related to extracurricular activities, leisure activities of teachers and students. Students have the opportunity to engage in sports clubs, various circles, centers of preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle. All needy students are provided with a hostel. It offers students two dining rooms, buffets. There are a diversified student clinic and sanatorium. For the rest of students and employees provided recreation center on the Black Sea coast and recreation in the mountains.

The faculty prepares philologists, journalists, workers in highly skilled advertising demand in the system of general and secondary education, in research and scientific-educational organizations, cultural institutions, governance, and in the book publishing environment, print media (newspapers and magazines, radio and television) in the agencies in various fields. Among the graduates of the Faculty of Philology renowned teacher, famous writers and scientists, many devoted themselves to the State and society. A number of graduates are working in radio, television, newspapers, and magazines in the field of management and business.

Faculty of Philology – friendly and close-knit family of students from different regions of Russia and countries of near and far abroad.

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