Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Adygeya State University.

Why choose the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology ASU?

We appreciate that from all higher education institutions in the region have shown interest in you is our university and faculty. Believe me, we have everything to meet your expectations. Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Adygeya State University – is a huge world of possibilities for the realization of a wide variety of abilities, talents and interests. In order for you to take a final decision in the choice of his immediate future, we asked our dean, Hakunovu Fatimet Pshimafovnu, called the reasons for which you, entrants must choose our faculty. Read, meditate, look!

Today, many people want to become wealthy, successful politicians, businessmen, but few people think about the fact that the way any of us begins from the kindergarten, the school, so it is very important who is with us at the beginning of this path. In our department, we will help you rediscover the world of childhood, to learn to understand the child.
Our profession is in demand at all times, which would not have experienced humanity. It is important that this understanding comes from the leadership of our country: a number of state programs in support of motherhood and childhood, increased funding for schools, increased salaries to teachers and teachers, created a program to support young professionals in rural areas and others.
The level of training in our department, thanks to the implementation of bachelor and master’s programs, in accordance with international, which allows our graduates to be mobile and competitive.
The faculty created the conditions for the realization of the creative abilities of each student annually interuniversity student forum. Research activities are carried out within the framework of the research laboratories of the youth psychological workshop. Our students – active participants in sports, creative and intellectual competitions.
The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of psychology, educational psychology, pedagogy, pre-school and primary education.

Training is carried out with the use of modern methods and information technologies. The conditions for the development of creative abilities of each student, which creates a solid foundation for a successful career in the professional, educational and scientific spheres.

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