Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Natural – a system of the natural sciences. The natural sciences are physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, geology. Nowadays, the natural sciences are not independent, they are related to each other. So, biology began to use physical methods of investigation, was born as a result of new natural sciences – biophysics. Quantum representation opened in physics, chemistry penetrated. There were such disciplines as geophysics, biochemistry, chemical physics, etc.

Natural sciences not only provide technological progress but also form the mentality of people, a special type of scientific rational thought.

Critical and analytical rationality inherent in scientific knowledge, important for the ideological orientations of man. It teaches people to recognize the relative reference systems and judgments to the sound, and not prompted by emotions the way to find solutions, to understand the limitations and model our ideas about the world, to new ideas about the objectivity of our knowledge and the only right decision, to the understanding of complementary and alternative both natural and social phenomena. The new outlook is based on the idea of evolution and the unity of the world, on the concepts of probability and self-organization.

Natural history – one of the most attractive areas of human activity, as for him – the future. In the past 15 years has increased the influx of students in higher education institutions into faculties, studying natural science: young people gives them intelligence, strength, and talent of the science that studies the man, his health, longevity, living conditions and the environment.

Faculty of Natural Science – one of the oldest in the ASU was founded in 1960

Preparation of highly qualified specialists is carried out in the following departments: biology, chemistry, geography.

Graduates of the Faculty of Natural Sciences can work in schools (a teacher of biology, geography, chemistry), research and chemical laboratories, educational establishments, colleges, reserves, botanical gardens, sanitary and epidemiological stations, travel agents and clubs.

Training of students is carried out on four special departments: botany, physiology, geography, chemistry. At the faculty, there are 5 research laboratories, two museums – the zoological and geological-mineralogical, herbarium, the Botanical Gardens on the banks of the river Kurdzhips.

Natural Science Faculty performs various activities: training, research, and publishing. Graduates can continue in graduate school at ASU ecology, physiology, entomology.

The faculty held cultural and sports events: the summer with a view to the improvement of the students there are two recreation centers on the Black Sea coast (with Divnomorskoe.) And recreation in the mountains (chalet “Mountain Legend”); It offers students the sanatorium – dispensary, student health center, a center of preventive medicine and healthy living, dining, cafes; all nonresident provided with a hostel.

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