Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

ASU Faculty of Law was established in 1993 as a department of the Faculty of History. 1995 Faculty of Law has acquired an independent status. The first dean of the Faculty of Law was the doctor of historical sciences Shekultirov B.I., since 2001 the Faculty is headed by Doctor of Law, Professor Shadzhe A.M.

The faculty:

– Computer Training Resource Center,

– The educational and methodical study,

– Forensic Laboratory.


By contingent students:

full-time – 645 people.
Correspondence – 260 people.
Parallel training – 112 people.


Distance Learning has a specialty 02.11.00 – jurisprudence, qualification of a lawyer. Provided a six-year period of training for persons with secondary education and a three-year period of training for persons with higher education.

In the preparation of legal importance are in constant contact with the faculty of public administration and law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Armenia. In this respect, the faculty works hard. The faculty teach Chairman of the Supreme Court, the head of the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia, a judge of the Supreme Court, the employees of the RA Prosecutor’s Office.

Every year students of the faculty are a study and practical training in judicial, law enforcement, administration, helping to strengthen the student’s theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

The Faculty Adygei regional office of the Youth Union of Lawyers of Russia. As part of the action MSU law students, students receive citizens on legal issues, act as public defenders in courts, etc. The main objective of the task and MSU – preparation of law students for future work. Activities MSU members are free of charge.


Faculty includes 4 chairs

Department of Constitutional Law

Head of the Department – Ph.D., associate professor Dzybova Said Gissovna.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

  1. Said Dzybova Gissovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department – Theory of State and Law, International Law.
  2. Tovmasyan Regina Eduardovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty of Science – Financial Law, Banking Law, Tax Law.
  3. Gaydareva Inna Nikolaevna , Ph.D. in Sociology, Associate Dean of the law faculty on educational work – Administrative Law, Customs Law, Sociology of Law.
  4. Poddubny Alexey O., Ph.D. in Law – Administrative Law, Administrative responsibility.
  5. Tharkaho Medzhidovna Marina, Ph.D., Associate Professor – The constitutional law of foreign countries, Constitutional Justice, electoral law and electoral systems of foreign countries.
  6. Hatkova Zarema Mahmudovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation, Parliamentary Law.
  7. Pyotr Markov, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Municipal Law, Actual problems of local government.
  8. Udychak Fatima Nurbievna, Senior Lecturer – Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation, issues of constitutional law, problems of Russian federalism, international human rights standards.
  9. Petrusenko Alexey, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Public service.
  10. Zafesov Vladislav Guchevich, Ph.D., Associate Professor – The legal status of the Republic of Adygea, courts in the system of public authorities.

Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Political Science

Head of the Department – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Jade Zuriet Anzaurovna.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

  1. Jade Zuriet Anzaurovna – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor – History of political and legal doctrines, political science.
  2. Shekultirov Batyrbiy Ilyasovich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor – History of domestic state and law.
  3. Hadzhuova Zara Askarbievna – Ph.D., Associate Professor – History of State and Law of foreign countries, the Roman law.
  4. Belikov Alexander – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor – History of domestic state and law, problems of national statehood history.
  5. Afamgotov Edward Magometovich – Art. teacher – jurisprudence.
  6. Zaoeva Lyudmila Ruslanovna – Art. Lecturer – oratory, rhetoric lawyer.
  7. Hakonova Irina Bayzetovna – Art. teacher – Theory of State and Law, Law.
  8. Tutarischeva Svetlana Muratovna – Ph.D., Art. Lecturer – Pedagogy, and Psychology of legal activity.
  9. Huako Zaur Yusufovich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor – Political Science.
  10. Shakumidov Aslan Setovich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor – Political Science.
  11. Tuguz Husen Ibrahimovic – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor – Political Science.
  12. Mamedov Maya Akopovna – Senior Lecturer – political science.
  13. Pshidatok VE – Ph.D., Associate Professor – problems of the theory of state and law.

Department of Criminal Law

Head of the Department  – Doctor of Law, Professor Aslan trachea Ismailovich.

Teachers of the chair and read courses:

  1. Trachea Aslan Ismailovich – Doctor of Law, Professor, Head. Department of Criminal Law, Chairman of the Supreme Court, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Armenia – criminal law general part.
  2. Liquid Irina Vladimirovna – Ph.D., Associate Professor – Deputy. Head. department – criminal law general part, sentencing by the court, the criminal law of foreign countries, the purpose and motive.
  3. Shadzhe Azamat Muhamcherievich – Doctor of Law, professor R.A. Constitutional Court – the law enforcement agencies.
  4. Kurbanova Elena – Ph.D., Associate Professor – forensics, legal bases of operatively-search activity.
  5. Shazzo Sarah Kamilevna – Ph.D., Associate Professor – criminal law special part, the problems of criminal law, the theoretical basis of the definition of crimes.
  6. Stroyokva Anastasia Sergeevna – candidate of legal sciences, associate professor – criminal proceedings, evidence theory.
  7. Tseev Svetlana Kasimovna – PhD, Associate Professor – legal psychology.
  8. Kadakoeva Mariette Maskhudovna – Ph.D., associate professor, judge of the Supreme Court of the PA criminology.
  9. Tkhakushinov Magomed Aslancherievich – Doctor of Law, Professor, Attorney Tahtamukaysky area.
  10. Sinyagovsky Sergey Vladimirovich – Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Attorney Karasunskaya district of Krasnodar.
  11. Samogov Aliy Turkubievich – Ph.D., associate professor, head of the RA Penitentiary – correctional criminal law.
  12. Rudakova Galina losifovna – Associate – procurator, criminology.
  13. Ershova Irina – lecturer Forensic medicine.
  14. Hasanova Suleta Gidovna – assistant – juvenile law.
  15. Sergeev Alexey – assistant – criminology, criminal and penal law, economic crime>.
  16. Hachak Bella Nalbievna – assistant – criminal law special part of the state of crime in Russia.

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