International Faculty

International Faculty

Pre-university training of foreign students has a special place in the educational process of Adygeya State University. To this end, the ASP for the training of international faculty was established in foreign countries, where foreign citizens can quickly and efficiently at a high level to master the Russian language.

The main objective of the international faculty is to train students from the countries of near and far abroad for admission to ASU and other Russian universities and colleges. Education at the preparatory department for foreign citizens to help them achieve the first certification level of proficiency in Russian, which provides the necessary basis for successful communication in a language environment.

Adyghe State University carries out training of foreign citizens in programs in on a commercial basis since 1992, and since 2005 – on the basis of the budget within the framework of international agreements on the direction of Federal Agency for Education (Ministry of Education).

During this time, training for pre-university training programs have been more than 700 foreign nationals from 25 countries: Israel, Jordan, Syria, the United States, Nigeria, Turkey, Sudan, Chad, Iraq, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China, Italy, Mongolia, etc.

In 2015-2016 at the preparatory department trained 110 citizens from countries near and far abroad, and the total number of foreign students enrolled at ASU today is 680 people.

International Department in charge of all students who attend ASU, and is engaged in the organization of educational process for foreign students basic specialties and areas of the University. The main tasks of the faculty also include the development of cooperation with international organizations, the expansion of international academic exchanges, development, and implementation of innovative programs, aimed at further development of international cooperation in science and education.

It should be noted that most of the students left to study in the Adygeya State University, as it exists at all levels of education: pre-university, undergraduate, graduate, is preparing bachelors, masters, a large number of graduate and doctoral students. Foreign students studying in 11 faculties of ASU and two institutions (the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo and Arts Institute) and on a par with Russian students they acquire knowledge in the field of philology, pedagogy, philosophy, economics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and other sciences. Thus, within the framework of the course is preparing foreign students in almost all technical and natural specialties, as well as in the field of economic, humanitarian, legal profiles. It should be noted that throughout the course of training foreign students continue to study the Russian language.

The high level of education provided, comfortable conditions for study and rest, reasonable prices, warm and psychological climate, the university developed infrastructure, interesting, full of student life in Maikop – all this attracts young people from around the world at ASU.

In January 2016 an international faculty celebrated its housewarming party – was reconstructed a special building for international students, combining a modern training center, equipped with the latest technology (with comfortable classrooms, language labs, a large conference hall, specialized classrooms for testing), so and a dormitory with a robust security system.

Profiles of training at the Preparatory Department (the curriculum discipline)

Technical profile: 

Russian language, mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering graphics, chemistry.

Business Profile:

Russian language, mathematics, computer science, economics, geography.

Medico-biological profile:

Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science.

Natural Science:

Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science.

The humanitarian profile: 

Russian language, literature, geography, regional geography.

The form and terms of training

Currently, ASU implemented innovative teaching pre-university training plans, whose main objective – the maximum variation with maximum use of educational resources available at the University:

  • classical academic program (10 months – 37 weeks, up to 648 hours);
  • intensive training course (12 weeks, 30 hours per week, up to 360 hours);
  • An advanced course of Russian as a foreign language for students of 1,2,3 courses (300 hours per year).

After finishing the preparatory faculty and successful exams, foreign citizens receive a certificate of the state sample on a course of study that allows them to enter any university of the Russian Federation.


Please note that at this year’s international faculty offers Bachelor’s program “Russian as a foreign language” in the direction of preparation “Teacher Education”.

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