Faculty of Foreign languages

Faculty of Foreign languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages – one of the leading faculties of ASU. Joined the faculty of foreign languages, you make a promising step. Faculty of Foreign Languages – this department, with a rich history, glorious traditions established in 1974. The faculty created opportunities for quality education. As part of the basic educational programs can be studied in Western 3 languages (English, German, French) and one oriental language (Arabic). The curriculum and all the educational programs meet the requirements of state standards, are subject to a common goal of training high-quality professionals. At the Faculty of 5 departments: English-German, English-French, English-Arabic, French-English, and English-German. It offers students:

  • advanced training programs;
  • worthy material base (three multimedia class, studio, radio studio, the reading room of foreign literature and periodicals, multimedia laboratory Arabic);
  • worthy material base (three multimedia class, studio, radio studio, the reading room of foreign literature and periodicals, multimedia laboratory Arabic);
  • library fund, with modern teaching publications;
  • free Internet access;
  • comfortable environment for study and leisure.

The faculty has foreign teachers from America, France, Germany, Jordan. The life of a student at the faculty – is not only learning but also a variety of cultural entertainment. The creative development of students and their aesthetic, moral education is an important component of the educational process. The faculty only a great opportunity to express creativity (art, science, sport, and leisure), purposefully maintained at all levels of the atmosphere of international friendship and sincere student association, respect for teachers and students.
The faculty, students learn to communicate, make friends and defend your beliefs and rights, achieve their goals.

A very popular variety of student activities:

  • Phonetic competition among first-year students for the best ownership rules of pronunciation of German, English, French, and Arabic;
  • meeting of the club of fans of English, German and French;
  • francophone theater;
  • session of student scientific society with discussions on issues of intercultural communication and linguistics;
  • time faculty;
  • Health Day;
  • Christmas meeting;
  • a decade of foreign languages.

Research work at the Faculty is conducted in the following areas:

  • linguistics and intercultural communication;
  • comparative-historical and typological linguistics;
  • theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages.

The research work of students is an integral part of professional training in the framework of higher education. The main objectives of NIRS:

  • contribute to the formation of professional competence of students;
  • increase the motivation to the advanced study of FL and other items by going beyond the mandatory program;
  • to inculcate the culture of research students;
  • identify the most talented students capable of in the future to contribute to the development of domestic science;
  • foster academic and professional ties with other higher education institutions of the country;
  • promote academic mobility of students and their supervisors.

Establishment of educational contacts with foreign universities (Oberlin College in the United States, the German Cultural Center. Goethe, the DAAD, Cultural Center of the US Embassy in Russia), familiarity with the system of training specialists, communicating with young people is part of the faculty. Participation of students and teachers in international programs has adopted a systemic nature.

Faculty teachers Y.I. Perederin, E.A. Doludenko, S.R. Bugs, S.N. Sokurov, T.N. Galueva, L.V. Karataev, S.A. Mironenko at different times became winners of the grant competition, giving the right to an internship in foreign universities.

Along with teachers in competitions for international grants and programs involving students and faculty. At various times, the winners of these competitions began Pirskaya Julia (program «FSA», University of Bemidji, Minnesota, USA, 2001), Anton Garmoza (program «UGrad», University of Pittsburgh, New Jersey, USA, 2004), Tatiana Galueva (program «FLTA», University of  Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 2007), Elena Doludenko (program «FLTA», University of Evansville, Indiana, USA, 2008), Julia Gogolev (program «UGrad», University of Wausau, Wisconsin, USA, 2009), Fatima Shaova (PAD grant of the German service of the educational exchange, Chemnitz, Germany, 2008), Ekaterina Abramova (grant German service teacher exchanges the PAD, Berlin, Germany, 2009), Anna Khodyreva (grant DAAD German academic exchange service, Essen, Germany, 2011), Repsime Torosyan (grant of the German academic exchange service DAAD, Germany, 2012 g.), Daria Efremenko (grant of the German academic exchange service of the DAAD, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2013), Vladimir Loskutov (grant for training in France for future teachers of French, Perpignan, France, 2007), Daria Lagoda (the grant of the French Embassy in Moscow, the “Year of Russian language teaching in France”, 2012), and others.
The faculty studio theater «Vis-à-vis». The group repeatedly became winners of the All-Russia competitions. In May 2008 Shtelmakh A. and A. Plotkin won the “Golden Mask” at the VI All-Russian festival of French-speaking theaters in Moscow and was awarded a trip to Paris. Every summer 30-40 students of the faculty go to work in the country the language is spoken.
Graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are always in demand. Many of them occupy management positions Sergey arrow – General Director of Trade House “Friendship Ceramics”, which unites more than 120 jobs and is located on an area of 3.5 thousand square meters; Merem Biboletovoy (Kazanchieva) – a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ph.D., Head of Laboratory of the Institute of foreign language teaching content and teaching methods of the Russian Academy of Education (Moscow), the author of a series of federal textbooks «Enjoy English» (2-11 grades) for general schools; Irina Filchukova – administrative assistant of the British Embassy in Russia; Hayret Dzharimov – head. Chair of methods and practice of teaching foreign languages and cultures of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts; Margarita Shilin – Head of the Department of Humanities and social sciences Sochi Maritime Institute; Susanna Tlehatuk – dean of international faculty of ASU; Vitaly Bobryshev – an employee of the RA President’s Office, Rashid  Mugu – officer of the Federal Security Service, Svetlana Klinyshkova – an employee of the French TV channel TV5, Armin Gevorkyan – travel agency employee, Hurghada, Egypt, and others.
Graduates work in many countries – Germany, Britain, France, USA, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Jordan. The university created wide opportunities for high-quality and diverse supplementary education confirming compliance with diplomas and certificates.
Every year in June at the Faculty is organized Summer Camp for students of Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory. The purpose of the camp work – promotion of languages and cultures, the development of motivation to learn a foreign language. In edyuteynment used, ie as a basic approach to the organization of the camp teaching with entertainment, in addition, most of the emphasis is on interactive learning. These approaches are well fit into the format of the language camp, which is held during the holidays at the end of school.

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