Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Today, physicist and engineer – it is more than a profession, it is a fundamental and universal way of thinking activities, providing our graduates with mobility, self-learning ability, open-mindedness and ability to find a solution to any situation.


One of the most important principles of training in classical university – Fundamental education and, of course, fundamental education should reflect the latest scientific and technological achievements, to be timeless and modern. The fundamental – the main feature of the learning process at the Department of Engineering Physics.

  • In today’s world, people who have engineering and physical education are valued for the universality of knowledge, the ability to solve complex and unusual problems in different areas of human activity.
    While studying at the faculty,  students receive thorough training in the field of fundamental physics, mathematics, computer and IT technologies, automated information processing systems and management control in technical systems, gain experience of research work. Faculty Students are given the opportunity to gain the latest knowledge and skills to work in a global computer network such as the Internet, opening up direct access to global information resources and the latest technologies. The faculty has a CISCO Academy network technology.
  • Many graduates of the faculty have devoted his career to public education. Among them are honored teacher of Russia and Republic of Adygea, honors public education and education, heads of educational institutions, teachers of educational institutions of secondary and higher professional education, candidates and doctors of sciences, which successfully work in the Republic of Adygea, and beyond, as well as abroad. Over the years, the faculty has produced professionals who demand everywhere.
In addition to the full-time (daytime) department at the faculty there, and distance learning. Since its inception in the Department of Engineering Physics (since 2008) at the moment manages the correspondence department Tatiana E. Shmonina. It is implemented in the correspondence department specialty 1 and 1 training course: specialty “ASOIU” with the qualification “Engineer”, as well as the undergraduate program: “Management in technical systems” (profile “Wits”).
One of the main qualities of the Faculty – his teachers. They bring high-level experts, professionals in their field, as teachers and faculty – is a team of true professionals, people with active citizenship, have great creative potential. Thanks to their efforts, awareness of responsibility for the younger generation, faculty carefully preserves and multiplies the best traditions of the university.

The staff of the Faculty conducts purposeful work on the organization of educational process in accordance with modern requirements, the renewal and modification of experimental and training facilities, to attract talented young people to enroll in the faculty.

Study at the university is not the only activity for students. Dean and the Student Council attach great importance to the organization of cultural activities of our students.
In this dynamic world, it is difficult to choose a profession for life. But there is in the world of eternal values. If a person will receive at the beginning of life’s journey fundamental knowledge, it does not disappear. He always enough knowledge to retrain at those or other areas that are in demand at this stage – the next turn of the world economy.
There is nothing more exciting and challenging work than the study of nature, which is arranged according to the laws of the great science – physics. No less interesting and different line of work of our faculty – automation and process control, and other information.


Currently on the faculty of  operating two departments : Theoretical Physics and ASOIU, which trains specialists in three specialties: “Physics” with the qualification of “Physicist”, “ASOIU” and “Management and informatics in technical systems” (Wits) with the qualification ” Engineer “, as well as three bachelor programs are implemented:” Physics “(profile” Fundamental Physics “),” Computer Science and engineering “(profile” ASOIU “),” Management in technical systems “(profile” Wits “).
As part of the Department of Theoretical Physics has 7 teaching laboratories:
– Laboratory methods and techniques of the physical experiment;
– Laboratory of technical training;
– Laboratory of mechanics and molecular physics;
– Laboratory of computer modeling;
– Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics;
– Laboratory of electromagnetism;
– Optics Laboratory, atomic and nuclear physics.
The department ASOIU are 4 training laboratories:
– Laboratory of automated real-time systems;
– Laboratory of Computer Engineering;
– Laboratory of electrical engineering and electronics;
– Laboratory automation hardware.
The faculty of the Department of Theoretical Physics:
  • Tlyachev Vyacheslav Beslanovich – head.Department of Theoretical Physics, Dr. Sci. Sciences, Professor;
  • Tuguz Fatima Kazbekovna – vice-rector for educational work of the ASU, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical Physics;
  • Arakelov Alexander – Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics, the candidate ped. Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Physics;
  • Feklistov German Stepanovich – assistant professor of theoretical physics, the candidate ped. Sciences;
  • Irina Zhukova – Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Sciences;
  • Small Valery Stepanovich – assistant professor of theoretical physics, the candidate ped. Sciences;
  • Ushho Adam Damirovich – Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Sciences;
  • Shambin Alexander – Senior Lecturer, Department of Theoretical Physics, part-time worker.
The faculty of the Department of ASOIU:
  • Buceatchi Paul Y. – Head. Chair of ASOIU, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU;
  • Korzhakov Valery Evgenevich – the candidate. Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • Aliyev Margarita Fyodorovna – Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU;
  • Korzhakov Svetlana – Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU;
  • Korzhakov Aleksey V. – Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU, the candidate. Sciences;
  • Mamii Aliy Ruslanovich – Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU, the candidate ped. Sciences;
  • Dougal Vitaly A. – Associate Professor of the Department ASOIU, the candidate. Sciences, part-time worker;
  • Myl’nikov Vladimir Vladimirovich – assistant professor of ASOIU;
  • Kizdermishev Askhad Aslancherievich – Associate Professor ASOIU, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. Sciences, part-time worker;
  • Ivan Ovcharov – Senior Lecturer ASOIU the department, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. Sciences;
  • Plisenko Olga A. – Senior Lecturer, Department of ASOIU;
  • Korobkov Victor Nikolaevich – senior lecturer of the department ASOIU;
  • Zorin Vitaly Pavlovich – assistant ASOIU department.
Teaching and support staff (OHR), the Faculty is mainly represented by head of the laboratory.
At the Department of Theoretical Physics :
-Abregova Svetlana Ramazanovna;
-Sanin Vladimir;
-Ohrimenko Victor A.;
-Vasilev Yuri;
-Vodozhdokova Zarema Nalbievna;
Julia Y. -Lukina.
The department ASOIU :
-Hizhnyak Julia Alexandrovna;
-Skritskaya Natalia G.;
-Rezinkova Sophia Alexandrovna – graduated from the Faculty;
-Korovyanskaya Helena Vilovna.
Department of Theoretical Physics publishes refereed in Russia and abroad scientific journal  “Proceedings of the Physical Society of the Republic of Adygea”.

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