Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics

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Department produces a set of 3 areas of training:

• 080100.62 Economics (Bachelor)
• 080200.62 Management (Bachelor)
• 080400.62 Personnel Management (Bachelor)

Duration of training in all areas – 4 years, full-time education.

Part-time available for the training areas “Economics” and “Management”.

For persons with secondary vocational education, with admission to study program the corresponding profile (in areas of training “Economics” and “Management”) provides a shortened training period – 3 years.

The area of the professional activity of bachelors on direction “Economy” includes:

– Economic, financial, marketing, production and economic and analytical services in different industries, fields and forms of property,
– the financial, credit and insurance institutions
– government and municipal authorities,
– academic and institutional research organizations
– institutions of higher system and secondary vocational education, secondary education, further education system.

The area of the professional activity of bachelors on direction “Management” includes:

– Organization of any legal form of organization (commercial, non-profit, state, municipal), in which the graduates work as performers or leaders of junior level in the various services management system;
– the bodies of state and municipal government;
– the structure in which the graduates are entrepreneurs, to create and develop their own business.

The area of the professional activity of bachelors on the direction “Human Resource Management” includes:

– The development of philosophy, concepts, personnel policy, and HR strategy;
– Staff planning and marketing staff;
– the recruitment, assessment, auditing, controlling and accounting personnel; socialization, vocational guidance, adaptation and certification of personnel;
– labor relations;
– management of ethical behavior, organizational culture, conflict, and stress; employment management;
– the organization, regulation, regulation, safety, working conditions, and discipline;
– staff development: training, including training and retraining, training, management of the business career and service and professional advancement, talent management;
– motivation and staff incentives, including labor; social development of staff;
– the work is released to staff; organizational design, formation, and development of the personnel management system, including its organizational structure,
– human resources, legal and methodical, clerical, legal and information support for a personnel management system; evaluation of personnel costs, as well as evaluating the economic and social effects of projects to improve the system of personnel management and technology; management (including HR) consulting.

The Faculty of Economics is set in the magistracy on directions of preparation “Economy” (profile “Accounting, analysis, and audit) and” Management “(profiles of” Innovation Management “and” Public Administration and Municipal Management “).

At the Faculty of Economics are trained graduate students and doctoral students in the scientific specialty 08.00.05 -. Economy and management of a national economy, taking into account the fact that the relevant acts ASU Dissertation Council for the Protection of theses Faculty publishes “Bulletin of the Adygeya State University,” a series of scientific journal ” Economy “, which is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions of HAC.


1) Department of Economic Theory

Head of the department – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Kurmalieva Zarema Hasanbievna

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

1) Kurmalieva Zarema Hasanbievna, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department – Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics;

2) Pshikanokova Nuriet Ibragimovna, Ph.D., Professor – Economic Theory, History of Economic Thought;

3) Bakhova Angela Pshimafovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Human Resource Management, Business Career Evaluation;

4) Gisheva Said Shumafovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Macroeconomics;

5) Baibekov Ramil Alimovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – The World Economy, Public Relations, Quality Management.

2) Department of Economics and Management

Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, professor Aslan Aliev Tamov.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

1) Tamov Aslan Aliev – regional economy;

2) Kerashev Anzaur Aslanbekovich, doctor of economic sciences, professor – Quality Management;

3) Elena Zakharova, Ph.D., Professor – Statistics;

4) Mokrushin Alexander, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor – Management, Management Theory, Strategic Management;

5) Hutyz Bella Ibragimovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Logistics, Marketing Research, Economic Evaluation of Investment;

6) Pshizova Angela Ruslanovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Economics of company, Financial Markets, and Institutions, Business Economics

7) Chinazirova Kazbekovna Svetlana, Ph.D., Associate Professor – The organization of production at the enterprise, Management of competitiveness of the organization

8) Hatukay Said Aslanovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing

9) Kumpilov Anzaurovna Bela, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Marketing

3) The Department of Human Resource Management

Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, professor Tlehuray-Berzegova Larisa Talibovna.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

1) Tlehuray-Berzegova Talibovna Larisa, doctor of economic sciences, professor – Basics of Personnel Management, Analysis of economic activity of the enterprise;

2) Elena Buller, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Rationing of labor, organization, regulation and remuneration, Document Management Software;

3) Tamova Mariette Kadyrbechevna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Labour Motivation, Regulatory and methodological and legal management software, Basics of HR policy, organizational culture.


4) Department of Accounting and finance

Head of the department – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Ruslan Thagapso Aslancherievich.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

1) Thagapso Ruslan Aslancherievich, Ph.D., assistant professor of accounting and Analysis, Accounting and analysis of banks;

2) Khotov Ruslanovna Irina, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Management accounting, legal analysis of trading banks;

3) The Horde Marina E., Ph.D., associate professor -Management operations, especially in the trading account, Bookkeeping;

4) Silin Tatiana, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Tax, State and Municipal Finance;

5) Ponokova Izmaylovna Dana, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Insurance, Social Security Essentials;

6) Panzhenskaya Irina G., Ph.D., Associate Professor – Accounting financial accounting, accounting financial statements, assessing the business value;

7) Tausova Irina Fedorovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Audit, bank auditing, financial markets;

8) Tuovi Ruslanovna Bela, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Statistics;

9) Vodozhdokova Zarema Askarbievna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – A comprehensive economic analysis of economic activity, financial analysis of the bank’s activities, analysis of financial statements;

10) Karpenko Svetlana V., Ph.D., Associate Professor – cost management, Laboratory workshop on Accounting, Accounting for Small Business;

11) Divina Eldarovna Lal, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Accounting in the woodworking industry, accounting for construction;

12) Kirzhinova Karina Nurbievna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Prices and pricing, International Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting;

13) Daurova Nafiset Zaurbievna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – The basics of occupational safety;

14) Bagova Said Aslanbievna, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Investment analysis, analysis of construction and definition of the price of capital;

15) Shovgenov Tembot Muratovic, Ph.D., Associate Professor – Banking, Prices and pricing.

5) Department of Mathematical Methods and Information Technology

Head – of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Valery Tesheva Aslanovich.

Teachers of the department and the courses are to:

1) Blyagoz Zaurbi Uchuzhukovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor – Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Linear programming;

2) Tesheva Valery Aslanovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor – Mathematical Analysis, Financial Mathematics;

3) Shelekhova Lyudmila V., Ph.D., Associate Professor – linear algebra and analytic geometry, economic and mathematical methods and models, mathematics in economics;

4) Nagoev Aslan Vladimirovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor – Methods of management decision-making, programming;

5) Zhuravlev Alla Fedorovna, Senior Lecturer – Information Technology, Database Management System;

6) Babaljan Emin Borikovich Assistant – Internet Marketing.

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