Cultural Center ASU

Cultural Center ASU

In order to improve the organization of cultural and aesthetic education of students, to create conditions for meeting their needs for artistic creativity, in March 1998, the Student Center of Culture was created in the Adyghe State University as a structural unit of the university. Director – Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armenia Muratova Lidiya Hadzhitechevna.

The main task of the Center is to increase the spiritual, cultural and aesthetic level of young people, develop amateur artistic creativity, organize leisure activities for students, teachers and university staff, identify original talented young people and involve them in the cultural life of the university.

To solve these tasks, the Center for Culture carries out a number of events at a general university and republican level, the work of creative teams is carried out, methodological and practical assistance is provided to faculties

The Center of Culture unites all types of amateur activities, in which the majority of talented young people from all faculties are engaged. With its help, almost all university events are held: “Freshman Day”, “International Student Day”, “Young Talents”, “New Year’s Eve”, “May 9”, “Graduates’ Evening” and many others.

The most popular among young people are the inter-regional rock festival “UniveRock”, which since 2006 has been regularly held at ASU and the student festival “Spring of ASU”. The festival united not only students of our university, but also other educational institutions of the city and the republic, today more than 600 students, graduate students and teachers take part in it.

In 2009, “Spring of ASU” was included in the program “All-Russian Student Spring”, where winners and prize-winners represent our university and the republic every year, repeatedly winning prizes.
The second area of activity Cultural Centre – operation of several creative teams:

– Ensemble «Antre» modern pop dance (head Zopunyan Y.L,);

– Vocal and instrumental studio (Muratova Head L.H.);

– VIA “GT-13” (head S. Lapshin);

– Folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Zhyu” (artistic director Guchev Z.L.);

– ASU team KVN-team (head Hadzuev A.);

– Ensemble “Nart” folk dance (director of Shaguch K.A.);

– Theater and drama studio “Mirror” and a puppet theater (head Kopach N.A);

– Poing-studio «Fire-show» (head Stolyarova Y.A.).

More than once our teams have multiplied the glory of their native university and republic at all-Russian, inter-regional and international festivals.

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